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East Kazakhstan: Without any hope
Monday, 22 May 2017 17:59

Cooperatives for fattening bull-calves work without any hope for state support. This conclusion arises after acquaintance with the criteria and requirements for the provision of subsidies to reduce the cost of fattening bull-calves.

In order to comply with the letter of the rules, farmers must have a slaughterhouse (always with an account number) with a refrigeration unit and a veterinary laboratory. Alas, boast of this, as it turned out, no one can.

- No agricultural cooperative engaged in fattening bull-calves, does not have such a slaughter shop. For its organization it is necessary to invest not less than 30 million tenge. However, at present, it is beyond the capacity of cooperatives, "said Oksana Zhelyakova, deputy head of economic affairs at the Oblast Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

At a meeting of the regional council of the PP, where she spoke, other problems of agricultural cooperatives were also considered. The information was also heard by the correspondent of the "" newspaper.

For example, it is not so easy to obtain a loan through the JSC "Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture". For this, the SEC is required to have at least 20 participants in its ranks.

"This criterion does not correspond to more than half of the operating cooperatives, and therefore we consider it necessary to reduce this rate to 10," O. Zhelyakova said.

There are other barriers hampering the solution of sustainable development problems in the agro-industrial complex, in which a considerable role is assigned to the cooperative movement, which is called priority in this framework. Among them, the speaker noted the issue related to the financing of SEC.

- For some reason, for example, in every district, the state revenue administration understands the norm on taxation of agricultural cooperatives and treats it in its own way, the deputy head said.

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