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East Kazakhstan: Millet, pork, eggs and sugar have risen in price in July
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 14:02

The consumer price index for the East Kazakhstan region, which characterizes the level of inflation, in July 2017 in relation to the previous month was 100.2%, by December 2016 - 104.2%.

As noted in the regional department of statistics, among food products in July this year, compared to June, there was an increase in prices for millet, sausages and meat products by 0.5%, pork - by 0.4%, eggs by 0.7% , sugar - by 0.6%, coffee - by 0.2%, vodka - by 1.2%.

Prices for wheat flour decreased by 0.3%, buckwheat groats - by 1.8%, raw milk - by 3.5%, sour cream - by 1.4%, reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

From fruit and vegetable products, the price increase was observed for apples by 4.0%, oranges - by 6.9%, pears - by 3.1%, onions, potatoes - by 0.2%, beet - by 2.6%, carrots - by 5.0%, beans - by 1.4%.

Grapes have fallen in price by 5.8%, bananas by 2.4%, dried apricots by 2.7%, fresh cabbage by 9.8%, cucumbers by 40.4%, tomatoes by 4.4%, sweet Pepper - by 37.6%.

"Compared with the same month last year, there is a slowdown in inflation in the region," the department said.

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