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n July, sugar rose in price by almost 7% in Astana
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 14:08

Inflation in Astana in July was 0.4%, according to the capital's statistics department. Prices for food products in July increased by 0.1%, non-food products - by 0.6%, tariffs for paid services - by 0.4%.

So, according to statisticians, in July, sugar prices rose by 6.8%, flour - by 5%, meat - by 2.2%, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products - by 2.1%, pasta by 1, 8%, eggs - by 1.3%, bakery and flour confectionery products - by 0.5%, cereals - by 0.2%, non-alcoholic beverages - by 0.1%, writes the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”

At the same time, prices for fruits and vegetables fell by 4.7%, cereals by 3.2%, butter and fat by 0.8%, fermented milk by 0.3%, dairy products by 0.2%.

In the sugar group, sugar increased by 7.1%, refined sugar - by 0.3%.

From vegetables, prices for carrot increased by 21.1%, onion - by 4%, beet - by 0.9%, cucumbers fell in price by 27.5%, cabbage - by 17.7%, potatoes - by 15.3% %, tomatoes - by 6.9%.

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