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There are more than 545 thousand heads of cattle in the West Kazakhstan PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 December 2017 11:38

In January-November of this year, the gross agricultural output of the West Kazakhstan region was 133,684.1 million tenge, of which 59,947.0 million tenge - crop production and 73,017.1 million tenge - livestock products. The volume index of gross livestock production in comparison with the corresponding period of 2016 amounted to - 102.7%, crop production - 96.8%, noted in the Department of Statistics.

Thus, as of December 1, 2017, the number of cattle was 545,300 heads (107.9% compared to the level of the corresponding period of 2016), sheep - 1 075.6 thousand heads (101.7%), goats - 209.2 thousand heads (99.4%), horses - 165.1 thousand heads (111.8%), pigs - 22.4 thousand heads (91.4%), camels - 2.7 thousand head (95.3%), birds - 1 334.8 thousand heads (136.4%), reports the IA “Kazakh-Zerno”.

In all categories of farms in the region in January-November 2017, 71.3 thousand tons of cattle and poultry (104.4% compared to the level of the same period in 2016) were slaughtered in the farm household or sold for slaughter (in live weight), 221.2 thousand tons of cow milk (101.4%) was milked, 149.6 million pieces (104.7%) of chicken eggs were produced.

According to the statistical report, the main meat producers are Akjaik (13.9% of the total meat production), Kaztalovsky (13.5%), Zhangalinsky (10.7%) and Zelenovsky (9.8%) districts.

The largest amount of milk was produced in the farms of Zelenovsky (17.6% of the total milk production), Akzhaik (12.6%) and Terektinsky (12.6%) Kaztalovsky (10.7%) districts.

The production of chicken eggs is concentrated in the suburban area of Uralsk (41.8% of the total volume in the region) and in the farms of Zelenovsky district (39.0%).

In the volume of production of the main types of livestock products, the share of private subsidiary farms of the population continues to prevail; in the volume of sales of livestock and poultry for slaughter this category of farms occupies 52.0%, in milk production - 73.3%.




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