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Kazakhstan: Pavlodar growers collected 641 thousand tons of new grain 1235
Kazakhstan to step up grain exports to Iran up to 2.5 mln tons 1432
In the markets of North Kazakhstan fruits fell in price, potatoes and eggs have rose 1072
In North Kazakhstan wheat fell sharply in price 1146
North Kazakhstan: Despite the decline in demand, the price of beef has not declined 1017
North Kazakhstan farmers can hope for a good moisture reserve 979
North Kazakhstan has 3.5 million tons of grain legumes 974
In North Kazakhstan will be destroyed cattle imported from Austria 1142
Agricultural products rose in price in the North Kazakhstan markets 1109
North Kazakhstan: Compensation for damage from drought? No, we have not heard ... 1050
North Kazakhstan: Traders do not need such harvest 977
More than 21.2% of pigs’ herd is kept in the farmsteads of North Kazakhstan 1047
North Kazakhstan has more than 122 thousand tons of oilseeds 983
North Kazakhstan: Future planting of grain and leguminous will cover more than 3.8 million hectares 1013
North Kazakhstan: During last year farmers bought 28.3 million heads of cattle 887
At the beginning of 2013 North Kazakhstan had 3.9 million tons of grain legumes 1001
North Kazakhstan: In 2012 vegetable oil output was 2.2 times higher than in 2011 966
North Kazakhstan: Mite attacked grain earlier than expected 963
North Kazakhstan livestock breeding and plant growing institute celebrated its 50th anniversary 1026
North Kazakhstanian people met New Year with new prices for products 1060
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