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Northern Kazakhstan: The elevators received about 1 million tons of grain 688
North Kazakhstanian farmers dug up about 448 thousand tons of potatoes 661
North Kazakhstan: Farmers harvested about 147 thousand tons of oilseeds 635
North Kazakhstan: Farmers reported about the completion of grain harvest 629
North Kazakhstan: Mamlyutka growers finished grain harvest 646
North Kazakhstan: Farmers have about 136 thousand tons of oilseeds in reserves 628
North Kazakhstan farmers expect to complete the harvest in 2-3 days 661
North Kazakhstan: For three days farmers threshed 1% of farmlands with grain 603
North Kazakhstan: Farmers switch to harvest of oilseeds 668
North Kazakhstan: Shalakyn farmers finished the harvest of grain 644
North Kazakhstan: Akkayyn farmers filled reserves with almost 300 thousand tons of grain 662
North Kazakhstan: During the last three days the execution of harvesting plan is kept at 97% 646
North Kazakhstan: The cereal growers thresh less than 1% of sown area per day 879
North Kazakhstan: Grain harvesting done by 87% 790
64% of areas under crops in North Kazakhstan harvested 647
North Kazakhstan: Rains provide weed crop 717
North Kazakhstan: Rains slowed down harvest process 738
Kazakhstan: 5 drinking water supply facilities to be launched by yearend 707
North Kazakhstan: Potatoes and carrots of a new crop are "grown up" in price 971
Due to record harvest Kazakhstan can export 15 mln tons of wheat, Ministry 854
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