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East Kazakhstan: The grain wedge is harvested by 95% 186
North Kazakhstan farmers have threshed almost 5.5 million tons of grain 169
Kazakhstan harvested more than 20.8 million tons of grain of the harvest-2017 175
Kazakhstan: Kostanay farmers harvested 5.1 million tons of grain 176
Kazakhstan: The harvesting of rice is nearing its end 203
Farmers of the North Kazakhstan have threshed more than 5.2 million tons of grain 216
Kazakhstan will increase shipments of mutton to the United Arab Emirates 247
On the way from the producer to the consumer, the products in Kazakhstan grow in price fourfold 228
There is an issue of timely supply of fertilizers to farmers in Kazakhstan 262
Kazakhstani grain growers harvested more than 20.5 million tons of grain 241
The problem of fodder shortage is quite serious in Kazakhstan 328
In the North Kazakhstan farmers finish harvesting of grain and oilseeds 311
Only 4.6% of the area was planted with elite seeds over the last 5 years in Kazakhstan 373
Kazakhstan loses up to 14% of the grain and oilseeds harvest due to the old machinery 361
Kazakhstan: Grain growers of Akmola region completed harvesting campaign 341
More than 20.3 million tons of grain is threshed in Kazakhstan 343
Kazakhstan: How officials rob farmers 386
Production of agricultural products increased by 1.9% in Kazakhstan 332
Kazakhstan: Kostanay farmers have harvested more than 4 million tons of grain 354
Seasonal reduction in the prices of fruits- and-vegetables is fixed in Kazakhstan 374
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