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Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture threatens the Kazakh people with hunger 653
In April, barley reserves in Kazakhstan decreased almost fourfold 628
By May 1, the amount of grain in Kazakhstan has decreased by 1,180,795 tons, or by 11.4% 632
North Kazakhstan: The level of profitability in crop production in 2016 was 40.6% 648
Kazakhstan: In the Aktobe region sown areas will be increased by more than 74 thousand hectares 634
East Kazakhstan: Without any hope 642
The weather in the south and southeast of Kazakhstan favors the growth of winter wheat 678
Kazakhstan: The number of poultry and horses increased in Pavlodar farm households 629
Kazakhstan: Meat prices have increased by 7.5% since the beginning of the year at Pavlodar counters 628
Livestock sector of the North Kazakhstan showed growth 568
Consumption of fruits, fish and meat decreases in Kazakhstan – statistics 681
Biggest yield of milk was received in the East Kazakhstan 743
Chinese inspection has checked Kazakhstani enterprises-manufacturers of mutton 610
South Kazakhstan: Why the prices for raw cotton are growing? 669
Kazakhstan: Zhambyl region increased egg production by 43% 602
Kazakhstan returned quarantine products to the territory of exporting countries 598
In the East Kazakhstan are derived varieties and hybrids of oilseeds, claiming for the Chinese and Russian markets 1067
In the North Kazakhstan area of oilseeds will be increased by 40%, legumes - more than 2 times 1071
The first 73 agricultural cooperatives appeared in the East Kazakhstan 1021
Will Kazakhstan be able to protect its population from GM foods? 1183
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