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Revised gross grain harvest in Kazakhstan amounted to 21.5 million tons 950
Poultry meat from Kazakhstan producers has risen in price by more than 24% 839
In 2016, the number of sheep and goats in Kazakhstan increased by 183 thousand heads, or by 0.9% 1217
East Kazakhstan: best farmers are rewarded 944
In 2016, fertility of cattle increased in Kazakhstan; and the largest is in the North-Kazakhstan region 1080
Kazakhstan: As of November 1, capital bins have 59914 tons of food grain 882
Kazakhstan: Kostanay breeders realize the export potential 1162
Kazakhstan: Kostanay is expanding the export range 990
Kazakhstan: Future of Agriculture depends on investment 946
Kazakhstan: By November 1, maize showed the highest relative growth in the past month 1020
North Kazakhstan is provided with forage and seeds 914
Kazakhstan: Meat production increased by 1.8% in Karaganda region 566
In Kazakhstan pigs population falls for more than a year, this time by 3% 633
Foodstuffs in the North Kazakhstan grew in price by 4.4% 590
North Kazakhstan increased flour production by almost 37% 701
South Kazakhstan harvested 200 thousand tons of cotton 738
Food Corporation has exported more than 186 thousand tons of Kazakh grain 552
As of October 1, 63,951 tons of food grain was available in Astana 562
Export prices for Kazakh grain rose by 24% - Statistics 579
Kazakhstan finished harvesting of buckwheat 582
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