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The number of camels in Kazakhstan decreased by 3 thousand heads for month 322
Production of cow milk in Kazakhstan in November amounted to 333.8 thousand tons 347
There are more than 545 thousand heads of cattle in the West Kazakhstan 324
In November slaughter of livestock and poultry in Kazakhstan grew compared with October and last year 325
Export of flour in Kazakhstan has decreased by 8.2% in the current season 306
Kazakhstan: Agricultural products of the Aktobe producers grew in price by 1.2% 307
Over 6 years in Kazakhstan, grain reserves in November increased by almost 20% 305
In recent years, the growth of grain production in Kazakhstan has outstripped its consumption 323
Kazakhstan: Cereals fell in price in Kostanay region by 4.3% 317
Grain balance of Kazakhstan exceeds last year's figure by 1,168,179 tons 288
About 400 thousand tons of Kazakhstani grain was transferred through the port of Aktau 282
"Astyk koymalary" bread depots accepted about 330 thousand tons of grain 318
Kazakhstan: Prices for eggs in Pavlodar region increased by 4% 327
On the counters of Astana fruit and vegetables grew in price by 4.4%, koumiss - by 8% 260
Flour, beef and vegetables have risen in price in the southern capital of Kazakhstan 172
Seasonal decline in cattle stock continues in Kazakhstan 178
Kazakhstan: Eggs, vegetables, fruits have risen in Aktobe region 188
Kazakhstan: Sugar has fallen in price by 5% in Zhambyl region 193
Wheat flour decreased in price in the East Kazakhstan 176
Kazakhstan: Cucumbers have risen in price by almost 22%, eggs - by 13% on Kyzylorda counters 147
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