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Farmers of South Kazakhstan are leaders in application of advanced technologies 141
Kazakhstan harvested 22 million tons of grain in 2017 132
North Kazakhstan: It will not be enough! 134
There is no shortage of grain cars in Kazakhstan – KTZ 141
Grain yield in Kazakhstan does not grow for half a century 223
Kazakhstan increased export of oilseeds by 56% 197
South Kazakhstan provides itself with poultry meat by 70% 238
More than 21 million 463 thousand tons of grain has been threshed from 99.4% of the area in Kazakhstan 175
Kazakhstan: Zhambyl farmers began mass harvesting of sugar beet 170
Turkey is ready to invest in livestock sector of Kazakhstan 177
Kazakhstan: The amount of grain harvested in Karaganda fields is lower than last year 185
Macaroni, dairy products and meat have risen in price in the West Kazakhstan 182
National company of Kazakhstan buys soybeans in Almaty region 192
In Kazakhstan, beef has risen in price by more than 14%, lamb - by 13% 162
Loading of grain for export increased by 7%, flour - by 32% - "Kazakhstan temirzholy" 133
Kazakhstan: Kyzylorda rice farmers harvest without losses 142
Kazakhstani meat producers raised prices by 7%, sellers - by 12% 141
Despite the seasonal decline in prices, onion, carrot and beet have risen in price in Kazakhstan 160
Since the beginning of the year, products in Kazakhstan have risen in price by 3% 129
Harvest is almost completed in the grain belt of Kazakhstan 142
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