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In Kazakhstan, since the beginning of the year potatoes have risen in price by 28.5% 115
Production of agricultural products in Kazakhstan increased by 2% 289
Kazakhstan: More and more areas are given to the "Queen of the fields" 264
Kazakhstan: Both apple-tree and nut gardens are growing 312
Almaty region restored the glory of the beet-raising region of Kazakhstan 276
China is seriously interested in the oil and fat industry of Kazakhstan 287
North Kazakhstan: The goods of Kyzylzhar farmers allow neither townspeople nor villagers to stay indifferent 299
Kazakhstan: In October potatoes grew in price by 37% on the counters of Almaty 275
Farmers of South Kazakhstan are leaders in application of advanced technologies 280
Kazakhstan harvested 22 million tons of grain in 2017 257
North Kazakhstan: It will not be enough! 265
There is no shortage of grain cars in Kazakhstan – KTZ 294
Grain yield in Kazakhstan does not grow for half a century 375
Kazakhstan increased export of oilseeds by 56% 344
South Kazakhstan provides itself with poultry meat by 70% 409
More than 21 million 463 thousand tons of grain has been threshed from 99.4% of the area in Kazakhstan 329
Kazakhstan: Zhambyl farmers began mass harvesting of sugar beet 317
Turkey is ready to invest in livestock sector of Kazakhstan 318
Kazakhstan: The amount of grain harvested in Karaganda fields is lower than last year 330
Macaroni, dairy products and meat have risen in price in the West Kazakhstan 310
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