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Russia grain harvest estimates keep falling
Russia’s Livestock Farmers May Import Corn From U.S.
Russia to keep grain export ban, reap less in 2011
Russia loses 25 pct of grain sowings
Ukraine: Kernel to forecast wheat, barley and rapeseed production decrease by 16%
Ukraine considers grain export quotas for 10/11
Russia may reconsider wheat export ban
No halt in Russia heat, winter crop sowing
Russian fires
Uzbekistan: farmers collected about 7 million tons of grain
Russia Should Ban Exports of Grain as Drought Withers Crops
Russian Grain Exports May Halve as Drought Worsens
Russian Wildfires Kill 34 as Drought, Heat Drive Wheat Prices 19% Higher
Russia's Wheat Crop Falls to 24.6 Million Tons on Drought, Ministry Says
Ukraine: Kernel forecasts grain harvest within 40-45 mln tonnes
Ukraine ranks third among world grain exporters
Russian Drought May Mean Bondholder Losses as Food Prices Fuel Inflation
Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasts price increase for milling grains
Russia's Heat Wave Wilts Crops, Nation
Ukraine to harvest 42.1 million tonnes of grain
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Latest agronews
2017-11-03 Production of agricultural products in Kazakhstan increased by 2%
2017-11-03 Kazakhstan: More and more areas are given to the "Queen of the fields"
2017-11-03 Kazakhstan: Both apple-tree and nut gardens are growing
2017-11-02 Almaty region restored the glory of the beet-raising region of Kazakhstan
2017-11-02 China is seriously interested in the oil and fat industry of Kazakhstan
2017-11-02 North Kazakhstan: The goods of Kyzylzhar farmers allow neither townspeople nor villagers to stay indifferent
2017-11-02 Kazakhstan: In October potatoes grew in price by 37% on the counters of Almaty
2017-11-01 Farmers of South Kazakhstan are leaders in application of advanced technologies
2017-11-01 Kazakhstan harvested 22 million tons of grain in 2017
2017-11-01 North Kazakhstan: It will not be enough!
2017-11-01 There is no shortage of grain cars in Kazakhstan – KTZ
2017-10-25 Grain yield in Kazakhstan does not grow for half a century
2017-10-05 Kazakhstan increased export of oilseeds by 56%
2017-10-05 South Kazakhstan provides itself with poultry meat by 70%
2017-10-05 More than 21 million 463 thousand tons of grain has been threshed from 99.4% of the area in Kazakhstan
2017-10-05 Kazakhstan: Zhambyl farmers began mass harvesting of sugar beet
2017-10-04 Turkey is ready to invest in livestock sector of Kazakhstan
2017-10-04 Kazakhstan: The amount of grain harvested in Karaganda fields is lower than last year
2017-10-04 Macaroni, dairy products and meat have risen in price in the West Kazakhstan
2017-10-04 National company of Kazakhstan buys soybeans in Almaty region



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