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In November of this year, the loss of grain in Kazakhstan was 409,991 tons higher than in the past year PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 December 2018 15:08

Last year, the maximum November reserves of the season were higher than this year by 1,506,138 tons, but decreased more significantly in November, both in relative and absolute terms, than last season. As of December 1, 2017, grain reserves in Kazakhstan are formed in the amount of 20,008,473 tons and reduced over the month by 2,297,992 tons, or by 11.5 percent. By December 1, 2018, the grain reserves in Kazakhstan have reached 15,794,352 tons with a decrease of 270,798 tons, or by 14.6 percent. Excess grain losses exceeded last year's figures by 409,991 tons.

As of July 1 of this year, statisticians recorded 5,190,837 tons of grain in barns with a decrease from June 1 to July 1 by 1,831,704 tons or 26.1 percent compared with May. In relative terms, the largest loss of grain was for seeds. By August 1, in July the volume of grain decreased by 812,366 tons to 4,378,471 tons or 15.7 percent. The decrease in grain reserves in Kazakhstan due to domestic consumption, sowing campaign and exports in August ended.

At the beginning of this month, grain reserves in the republic were the lowest in this calendar year. The grain volumes with the arrival of the new crop of grain went on increasing due to the early grain crops, and the grain balance dynamics became positive. On September 1, the amount of grain increased to 5571662 tons, by 1193191 tons or by 27.3%. But in September, the grain shaft grew exponentially. The September harvest campaign gave Kazakhstan almost 14 million tons of new grain. According to the latest information on the harvest of grain and leguminous crops, on September 3, 3609.3 thousand tons of grain crops were threshed in Kazakhstan. At this date, the harvesting campaign for grain harvest lagged behind last year by more than 2 times - 7,558.3 thousand tons of new grain for this period in 2017. During September, the backlog was reduced. Relatively favorable weather allowed to raise most of the harvest. On October 3, 17605.3 thousand tons were collected against 21171.9 thousand tons a year earlier.

As of October 1, statistics fixes 15639739 tons of grain with an increase of 10068077 tons or 2.8 times. The increase in grain in Kazakhstan’s bins in October continued, but not in such a huge amount as in September.

The highest grain reserves in Kazakhstan in almost every season are formed after the end of the harvesting campaign by the beginning of November. On November 7, according to the latest information on the harvest of grain and leguminous crops, 100% of the grain area was harvested or 15,059.7 thousand hectares. 22810 thousand tons were ground. Last year, 22,272.8 were obtained from a larger area of 15359 thousand hectares. This result was obtained thanks to a higher yield this year, 15.1 centners per hectare versus 14.5 centners per hectare in 2017.

As of November 1, statistics records 1,850,233 tons of grain in Kazakhstan. The October harvesting of the republic, minus the cost of domestic consumption, exports and the loss of another 2862596 tons of grain, an increase from last month from 15639739 to 18502335 tons or 18.3%.

In November, stocks begin to fall as a result of the current costs of domestic consumption and exports, as well as the natural response of the grain after processing, cleaning and drying the grain. This season was no exception. Stocks of grain crops began to decline in November. As the IA "Kazakh-Zerno" reported earlier, as of December 1, 2018, the grain reserves in Kazakhstan reach the level of 15794352 tons with a decrease by 2707983 tons or by 14.6%.

Werecall, grain of a different category according to its purpose has departed from stocks in a different proportion. The food grain decreased by 2271289 tons from 14213344 to 11942055 tons or by 16%. Seed grain fund increased by 82408 tons from 1384724 to 1467132 tons of 6%. The volume of feed grain decreased by 519101 tons from 2904266 to 2385165 tons or 17.9%.




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