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In the North Kazakhstan, about 71 percent accounts for crop production in the gross output of agricultural products PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 June 2019 09:25

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in 2018 in the North Kazakhstan region amounted to 516.4 billion tenge (an increase of 1.1 percent compared with 2017), of which gross output of products (services) of agriculture is 514.7 billion tenge (101.2 percent), clarified in the statistics department.

In the structure of gross output (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the main share accounts for crop production (71.1 percent). Livestock occupies 28.7 percent, services - 0.2 percent.

Crop products output amounted to 366.2 billion tenge (an increase of 0.7 percent by 2017), of which 44.4 percent are cereals, 22.5 percent are oilseeds, and 27.5 percent are potatoes and vegetables.

Let us recall, as previously reported “” NA, according to statistics, in 2018,North Kazakhstan agricultural producers harvested 4,322.7 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops in weight after processing, including wheat – 2,988.3 thousand tons, oilseeds - 908 thousand tons, potatoes - 590 thousand tons, vegetables - 207.8 thousand tons.

Livestock products outputamounted to 147.7 billion tenge of which the main share is occupied by the breeding of dairy cattle breeds (52.4 percent) and the breeding of cattle (17.2 percent).

The increase in gross livestock production of 2.7 percent is due to the growth in poultry production (by 11.5 percent) and the breeding of cattle (by 4.9 percent). The largest share in the overall volume of gross output of agricultural products (services)falls on the region named after G. Musrepov (13.6 percent) and the Taynshinsky district (13.2 percent).

The share of the region in the republican volume amounts to 11.5 percent. The region ranks first in the republic in terms of gross output of products (services) of agriculture per capita - 924.8 thousand tenge.

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