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From the beginning of the year, Kyzylorda farmers imported 1,000 heads of cattle PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 June 2019 11:46

About 1,000 heads of cattle were brought by Kyzylorda farmers from abroad in early 2019. According to the plan, they should purchase about 1,600 heads more.

On the instructions of Elbasy, a large-scale project called “Development of Beef Stock Farming in 2018–2027” is being implemented in the country, the main task of which is to increase the meat-type livestock population for output of products for export. The size of subsidies for the purchase of livestock, fodder, stock breeding and selection work, meat and dairy products and other needs of farmers grows on an annual basis.

As the correspondent of "" NA was informed in Kyzylorda regional administration of agriculture, farms of Zhanakorgan and Kazaly districts - "Yerlan", "Bekarys Agrofood", and "Bakhyt" peasant households – take an active part in the state program.

Two years ago, over two thousand sheep and camels were sent from Kyzylorda to Iran, Mongolia and the United Arab Emirates for the first time,” said BakhytZhakhanov, head of the regional administration of agriculture. - Work in this direction will continue further. “Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture” JSC, the Agricultural Credit Corporation provides favorable conditions for farmers - 4 percent per annum for 15 years and a vacation for payments in the first two years. So, there is a lot of opportunities to increase livestock production.

Several farms in the region have already brought pedigree cattle from Russia and the Czech Republic.

In the near future, beef for exports will be produced at the modern feed lots for 6,000 heads at “SyrMarzhany and “ShaganZher” LLPs.




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