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Who prevented the "white gold"? 34
Mamytbekov is aganst the law and household farms 43
In November of this year, the loss of grain in Kazakhstan was 409,991 tons higher than in the past year 244
In November, output of products and services in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan increased by 7.4 percent by 2017 154
The number horses in Kazakhstan decreased by 67.4 thousand heads in November 215
East Kazakhstan:Oats grew in price by 2 percent, barley and wheat decreased in price 193
Kazakhstan: There will be no investments without land 328
On August 20, Kazakhstan harvested almost 1.9 million tons of the new crop 325
The number of cattle increased, sheep and goats decreased in the East Kazakhstan 336
At the beginning of the new season,wheat accounted for 88.3 percent of grain stocks in Kazakhstan 369
More than 0.4 million tons of cereals are threshed in the south of Kazakhstan 348
Flour production increased 1.6 times, pasta - by 20 percent in the North Kazakhstan 368
As of July 1, there were 28,819 tons of grain in Astana 359
The banking system of Kazakhstan is bulging at the seams 554
Grain reserves decreased by 2 million tons in a month in Kazakhstan 637
Kazakhstan: The number of cattle increased by 8%, pigs decreased by 48% in Zhambyl region 647
The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan crayfishes 702
In January, the growth of population of camels in Kazakhstan by 1.4% was ensured by Mangistau region 855
South Kazakhstan intends to increase the output of agricultural products by 3.9 percent 845
In January, the number of sheep and goats in Kazakhstan changed by only 0.01% 896
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